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Advanced Surface Technologies, Inc.

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AST was founded in 2001 with extensive coatings experience dating back to 1985. We service both Commercial/Industrial and Consumer clients with facilities in Warren, MI and Sarnia, Ontario.

 Services Include:

                 * Painting                                       * Powder Coating
                 * Teflon™ Coating                           * Sandblasting
                 * Paint Removal                              * Precision Parts Cleaning

We process parts ranging from 1 inch up to 24 feet in length, 1 inch up to 10 feet in width and/or height and from ounces up to several thousand pounds in weight. All of our ovens range from low temperature up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.
Since each application or project is unique in its own way, our website is merely designed to give you an introduction to our company and overview of our capabilities. Please contact us to discuss your specific project.